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Would you like to be informed of the CTMA Ferry schedule changes at any time? Register now for the CTMA Ferry alert manager to be notified of all schedule changes, whether you are travelling that day or not. Wherever you may be, you will receive an alert by text, email or robocall, according to your choice, any time a crossing is delayed or cancelled.

All passengers with a reservation do not need to subscribe to the alert manager to be informed of a schedule change of their crossing. They will automatically receive an alert if their crossing is affected by a schedule change. The free subscription to the alert manager allows you to receive an alert at any time when the CTMA Ferry schedule changes.
CTMA Ferry will always make every possible effort to ensure the accuracy of information sent about crossings. However, CTMA Ferry may not be held liable for non-transmission of messages and cannot guarantee the speed and reliability of reception of text messages, voice messages or emails sent. Subscribers and passengers are also responsible for providing correct contact information so that they can be reached at all times.
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